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    license terms

    This product includes software developed at The Apache Software Foundation ( This software also uses code from the FFmpeg, JNA and Swing-layout projects. Credits go to the authors of FFmpeg, JNA and Swing-layout. AAC decoding is provided using FAAD and FAAC. Furthermore, MP3 encoding is performed using LAME. H.264 encoding is performed using x264. Credits go to the authors of FAAD, FAAC, x264 and LAME. FFmpeg, FAAD, and x264 are distributed under the GPL license. LAME, parts of FAAC, JNA and Swing-layout are distributed under the LGPL license. No warranty will be provided for this code. The source code used to compile FFmpeg, JNA and Swing-layout will be provided upon request. Please refer to the user guide for more details about the licenses.

    See also the following links for more information:

    LGPL v2.1 (

    Swing-layout (

    JNA (

    FAAC (

    Lame (

    GPL v2 (

    FFmpeg (

    FAAD (

    x264 (