Comprehensive connectivity concepts enable new services in vehicle safety, communication and entertainment. Connected Cars will play a key role in the establishment of new mobility products. Make drivers enjoy the most reliable and secure in-car connectivity and cloud access with Novero solutions.

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Mobile Device Integration

The increasing role that the latest smartphones and tablets play in consumers’ lives also drive automotive scenarios. Consumers expect to have mobile technologies integrated seamlessly into their cars. Consequently, automobile manufacturers must anticipate such needs to help them ‘future-proof’ the latest models. Learn more about strategical device integration implemented by Novero.

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The Integration of telematic information is happening. Cloud-based connectivity, coupled with automated and customized system calibration enables the car to analyze driver and vehicle data. Learn more about the Novero solutions and let telematics become a powerful tool for all sorts of new mobility services.

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Hot Topics

Over-the-air Software Updates

The automotive industry is discovering the benefits of silent software updates to facilitate recalls and deliver functional upgrades. Novero gateways are the natural choice for FOTA (firmware over the air ) since they can upgrade both their own software and the software of other ECUs in the vehicle.

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Automotive Wireless Charging

Charging phones in cars can be an uncomfortable procedure. Novero offers quick and easy wireless charging with optimal capacity. The mobile device is simply placed in the center armrest or glove compartment – the charging starts automatically and switches off, if the battery is full or the device is removed.

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Novero Validation Services

Our six professionally equipped laboratories are operated exclusively by engineers, who are driving the improvement of our products with a critical eye. The Novero Validation Services offer their practical cross-over knowledge also to external customers in the critical phase of their product development.

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News & Events

Berlin 21.03.2015

Media Hackday Berlin

On 21st and 22nd of March, 2015 the third Media Hackday takes place in Berlin. Media companies, automotive industry and dedicated young software developers come together to share knowledge around the subject "Connected Cars".

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Munich 24.02.2015

New facilities in Bavaria

On 24th of february 2015 the doors of Noveros new premises in Munich and Nuremberg opened. We are pleased that we were able to recruit highly qualified developers based in this region. Our new locations offer new potential for innovation.

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Brussels 19.01.2015

Membership ERTICO

CEO Freddie Geier talks about the ERTICO membership and answers questions about future trends: What ITS trends are most interested in? What will happen in 2015 in the automotive sector? What were his highlights at CES in Las Vegas?

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