software update

stay in front with the latest software for your product. here’s how.

Note: the software update is available for the following products:

  • TheFirstOne
  • TheTalkyOne
  • TheTrustyOne
  • TheTrulyOne


  1. please download the novero software update tool to your pc and install it.
  2. now start the novero software tool to update your product.
  3. connect your device via the MicroUSB cable directly to your pc (no dockingstations or HUBs).
  4. when the hardware wizard asks you what to do just click “automatically” and it will find the driver for your product.
  5. if your device is not detected, select the start option and select your device out of the drop down list.
  6. do not detach the product before the program asks you to!!!
  7. once the software update is done, just detach the micro USB cable from your device.
  8. congratulations – your product has now the latest software installed.

go to software update tool